Elliot Perlman

Elliot Perlman

Elliot Perlman has been described as one of the ‘50 most important writers in the world’, Lire (France), a ‘literary sensation’ (Deutschlandradio), with ‘traces of Dickens’s range and of ‘George Eliot’s generous humanist spirit’ (New York Times). He is the author of The Street Sweeper, Seven Types of Ambiguity, The Reasons I Won’t Be Coming, Three Dollars, and a novel for children, The Adventures of Catvinkle. Maybe the Horse Will Talk is his latest novel.

Title List 

  • Maybe the Horse Will Talk 
  • The Street Sweeper
  • Seven Types of Ambiguity 
  • The Reasons I Won't Be Coming 
  • Three Dollars 
  • The Adventures of Catvinkle 

Elliot Perlman's Books