Throughout the years the general community and Somerset College have been bringing students to the Somerset Celebration of Literature now known as Storyfest, Australia’s largest children’s literature festival.

Starting in 2004, local families and businesses funded the Sponsored Schools Programme which bring a group of students from approximately 25 schools per year.

In 2014 the Literary Fund (a tax-deductible gift recipient) was established bringing a large number of students from regional areas of Australia to the Gold Coast and provide funding for transport, accommodation and tickets to author sessions during the festival. In 2015 the Educational Tourism Package was launched to highlight the educational benefits associated with a tour to the Gold Coast for, the not only the Literature Festival, but also for those who participate in the Dreamworld Corroboree experience. This opportunity lets students experience a new interactive way of learning outside of the classroom, and have an appreciation for it.

Please click here to download a copy of the Educational Tourism Package.