Welcome to Storyfest – a captivating celebration of storytelling for the entire family!

Embark on a literary journey that honours tradition while exploring new horizons. As the premier writers' festival for the Gold Coast, Storyfest stands as a beacon of literary excellence, and its annual three-day event in March is the cornerstone of this spectacular organisation.

Dedicated to fostering literary talent, Storyfest goes beyond the confines of its flagship event, offering a diverse range of literary experiences, workshops, masterclasses, and featured authors throughout the year. This ongoing commitment ensures the growth of emerging writers and creates enriching opportunities for readers and wordsmiths alike.

But Storyfest isn't confined to the Gold Coast alone; it extends its reach to embrace the vibrant cultural tapestry of regional Queensland. Explore the richness of storytelling at regional festivals, including South West (St George), Out West (Longreach), and Central Queensland (Emerald), where the spirit of literature comes alive in unique and diverse ways.

With over 130 events tailored for the wider community, Storyfest has firmly established itself as a highlight on the Gold Coast's cultural calendar. Immerse yourself in the magic of storytelling, where tradition meets innovation, and literary enthusiasts of all ages are invited to join in the celebrations. Welcome to Storyfest – where tales unfold, and imaginations soar!

South West Writers Festival 26 to 28 August 2024