Encourage reading in your neighbourhood - Sharing the love of literature!

Our Little Lending Libraries have been taking over the Gold Coast, with colourful libraries popping up on every street corner. But their purpose goes way beyond the aesthetic – they are a way to foster community, to provide access to literature for everyone, and most importantly, to promote literacy in a place where readers are less likely to get the chance to connect than in bigger cities. The concept is simple, take a book, leave a book or swap a book.

We hope that our Little Lending Libraries are filled with books; enjoyed by the community and become a symbol of trust and hope – a tiny vestibule of literary happiness.

See the map below for our locations so far...


At this stage, we have nearly 70 Little Lending Libraries located in our community. We can't make the libraries fast enough to meet the demand (such a wonderful problem to have). Unfortunately our 'chippie' is building them as fast as he can. 

At this stage, we're looking at a delay of a couple of months!