Here at Somerset Storyfest, we see first-hand the wonderful benefits and outcomes of children who have access to quality reading materials, extensive literary programmes, and the opportunity to explore these. 

As a listed charity, we rely on our wonderful supporters to deliver these literary programmes to more children, across wider areas in Queensland and beyond. Through generous donations, we're able to offer many free community events and literally thousands of children the opportunity to embrace literature.

And we are not the only ones putting in the work! So here are some worthy causes that deserve your attention – and donations. 

The literary charities making a difference in children's lives


Gold Coast-based Somerset Storyfest is a literary organisation with a core mission of introducing more and more children to a love of literature. Storyfest delivers this by putting on a year-round calendar of literary events, including the Storyfest Writers’ Festival, the Little Lending Library initiative, the On the road… programme, various business and corporate opportunities, as well as an ever-growing list of community projects. As an organisation, it prides itself on creating lasting connections between children and reading, whether that’s in local schools, regional settings, or through one of the many wonderful initiatives. In 2023, Storyfest delivered its 30th writers’ festival, is taking the festival Out West to Longreach (and beyond), and has a charity Storyfest Golf Day

Help us bring Storyfest programmes to even more children: please consider donating to Storyfest on the 31st of May, our annual Giving Day. Your donation will ensure that Storyfest can continue to connect children with books and authors – an important initiative that aims to foster a love of reading and storytelling in younger generations. 

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Want to find out more about our Giving Day? Read about last year’s here

Story Dogs

Story Dogs is an Australia-wide initiative whose goal is to make reading fun for children with the help of some furry friends – a mission that we can wholeheartedly get behind. 

Reading doesn’t come easily to everyone, nor does it give everyone that much coveted feeling of relaxation or switching off. That’s exactly where dogs come into the picture: by reading to animals, children can gain confidence in their own reading and teaching abilities. And not only that, but dogs promote relaxation and lower blood pressure, do not judge, laugh or criticise, and most importantly allow children to proceed at their own pace. As a result, the Story Dogs programme is proven to improve reading skills, increase focus and comprehension, and build confidence!

You can join Story Dogs’ mission by volunteering with your own four-legged friend, or by donating to this wonderful programme. 

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Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Reading opens doors to future opportunities and choices, and this is all the more true for First Nations children. 

In remote Communities across Australia there is often no infrastructure such as libraries or bookstores. Access to reading material is extremely limited and this impacts the achievements of Indigenous children. The Indigenous Literacy Foundation provides programmes to regional communities to help with the accessibility and quality of reading materials, to support early learning development and familiarity with books, and to help with the publishing of First Languages.  

As a charity, The Indigenous Literacy Foundation receives no government funding, and as a result rely solely on the generosity of supporters and sponsors.

You can help them on their important mission here!

Room to Read

Did you know that worldwide almost 40% of all primary school-age children are not learning basic skills like reading and writing? Simply put, Room to Read is on a mission to create a world free from illiteracy and gender inequality. Room to Read have programmes in place designed to help children in historically low-income communities develop literacy skills and a habit of reading, something that benefits all of us as a society

However, delivering these programmes is easier said than done, and Room to Read relies on the support and donation to those who – like us – believe that all children should have the opportunity to access a world of knowledge through reading. 

You can support their mission here!

Want to find out why children’s literacy is so important to begin with? Read on to learn why you should support children’s literacy programmes.