It’s not often that someone with no business experience – and even less so, a woman and a mother – creates a multi-million dollar international chain. Janine Allis had the vision, resilience, and gumption to turn her passion into a brand and product known the world over, and she’s on the Gold Coast to share her journey with you!

With over 580 stores across 13 different countries and counting, Boost Juice is the brainchild of Janine Allis, a now entrepreneur based in Adelaide. When the idea solidified in her mind, however, she was a third-time mum on maternity leave, with nothing but unlimited passion and exceptional family support. This was in 2000. 

The idea for Boost Juice came to Janine during a trip to the US, where she noticed a large gap between the fast food chains available to consumers there and in Australia. She came back home with a simple idea – to create a brand that not only makes healthy living tasty and fun, but is fast and affordable. Thus, Boost Juice was born.

Many years, locations, and juices later, Boost Juice is now Australia’s favourite juice and smoothie bar, and Janine has gone on to do incredible things as an entrepreneur. 

Today, Janine is one of Australia’s most successful businesswomen and iconic rags to riches inspirations. And not only when it comes to juices! 

Janine is the bestselling author of the book The Accidental Entrepreneur, the co-host of the podcast 'Superwomen We Ain't', as well as an ambassador for Australia for UNHCR, taking interest in the ‘Leading Women Fund’: empowering women, building their resilience, and providing opportunities for them to realise their potential. 

Moreover, she is or has acted as Executive Director at Retail Zoo, Salsa's Fresh Mex, CIBO Espresso and Betty's Burgers & CONCRETE CO. The list goes on and on!

“With business, my purpose is to create a really good, ethical business, and then help people on the way as people helped me on my journey. So, I think purpose comes in so many different forms,” she told Women’s Agenda

Janine finds many different ways of sharing her journey, the lessons she’s learned, and the advice she can now pass on. On top of her podcast focussing on the lesser-talked-about parts of business, as well as her TV and media appearances, she is also a public speaker and business coach. And you have the chance to meet her this October!

Janine will be joining the much-coveted Storyfest Business Lunch on the 20th of October to talk about her journey in business and the many ups and downs of the past couple of decades. 

If you share her vision and want to “do retailing differently”, learn about her approach to a very unique customer experience, or hear her discuss the secrets of being a multi-millionaire powerhouse, then this is the event for you and your business! 

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