In Australia, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to quality writers’ festivals and literary events. With a calendar of year-round events available in most big cities, one never needs to venture far for exciting literary opportunities. 

When it comes to children’s literature, however, the choices are narrowed down somewhat. But did you know that the most prominent children’s literature festival is based on the Gold Coast? 

The role of children’s literature festivals

Australian children’s literature is an ever-changing, ever-improving scene, with more and more consideration for the many different readers we are throughout the years. Over the past years, diversity and a push for acceptance have seen a very positive upward trend, but some things never change – at their core, these books still hold a strong sense of imagination that’s capable of steering a course of young reader’s lives.

Children’s literacy influences more than just children though. Whether you were read books from early childhood, were introduced to them in school, or are currently in a phase of life where you’re the one reading them to little ones – children’s books are ever-present. But children’s interest in literature shouldn’t stop at reading the many amazing books they can choose from. By giving them the opportunity to look past the pages – at the writers who produce them, or even at the act of writing itself – we can encourage better engagement with the exciting and necessary world of literature. 

Children’s literary festivals provide us with the perfect chance to foster this connection. A children’s literature festival is a collection of events aimed at letting young book lovers in on the magic of creation – whether that’s writing or illustrating –, all the while giving them the opportunity to engage with the written word themselves.

A considered writers’ festival programme is full of opportunities for young readers to meet the authors or characters behind their favourite books, hear them talk about the workings of imagination, and even participate in workshops themselves. 

And by the authors’ admission, they learn just as much from attending kids as the kids learn from them. An absolute win-win!

Meet Australia's best children’s literature festival

It might surprise you, but Queensland is home to many inspiring children’s literature festivals in Australia. The leading festival has been set on the Gold Coast for the past 30 years – it is the Storyfest Writers’ Festival. With a history going back three decades, Storyfest has slowly but surely emerged as the foremost event in the calendars of children’s authors and young readers alike. The three-day festival packs a lot of unmissable moments, and plenty of opportunities for book lovers and budding writers alike. 

Over the years, Storyfest has hosted some of Australia’s best children’s authors, and according to award-winning writer Jacqueline Harvey, “Storyfest is the festival in Australia that every author wants to be invited to.”

In celebration of its 30th year, the 2023 writers’ festival will host 30 of Australia’s best children’s authors over the 28th to 30th of March. Each year, children get the chance to meet and hear from authors they love, making the mysterious world of writing achievable and enticing. And that is how prolific writers are born!

It’s not too late to join Australia’s leading children’s literature festival. You can buy tickets – for yourself or for your budding readers – by clicking here!

Browse the Storyfest 2023 programme here!