Corporate golf days are the perfect way to have fun and boost team morale, all the while supporting a worthy cause. Storyfest’s Charity Golf Day combines the best of both worlds – here’s why your team should sign up!

There are many benefits to team-building exercises: they promote teamwork, aid communication, and build trust and confidence within a team’s capabilities. A step up from your everyday team-building activity is a corporate charity day – on top of the benefits of team-building, these charity days also benefit the community and increase the organisation’s reputation locally.

Storyfest’s Charity Golf Day is the perfect marriage of both options – it is a fun day out for your team, filled with an active past-time as well as the opportunity for your organisation to show support for a good cause: children’s literacy programmes.

The annual Golf Day is also a great opportunity to network or treat clients in a relaxed, fun environment – all the while helping Storyfest on its mission to bring a love of literature to every child on and around the Gold Coast.

So why should your team come along?

Benefits of Storyfest’s Charity Golf Day

Charity days increase morale

No matter how much your employees love what they do, doing the same thing day in and day out can wear down even the most dedicated team players. Charity team events are a great way to quickly boost team morale and get everyone out of the office and switching off together.

It also motivates teams to work better together not only on the day, but when they return to their jobs too. Time away from desks or the office can also clear people's heads and help them refocus when they return to work, making charity days a great investment in the long run.

Charity days equal positive community impact

Charity golf days can make a real impact in your local community. Your team can take great pride in the fact that they helped make a difference – in this case, by supporting the development of children’s literacy programmes on the Gold Coast and in regional Queensland.

According to an article on charity-based team-building, giving back to others has a number of scientifically proven benefits too. These include reducing stress, reducing feelings of isolation, and creating a sense of belonging. So both your team and your local community get something positive out of it – it’s a win-win!

Charity days boost employee engagement

Charity golf days are the perfect opportunity to take teams out of context and let them engage not only with other businesses, but also one another in a different setting. The lack of a pecking order can enable people to learn things about themselves and their teams, not to mention presenting the opportunity to network with colleagues they wouldn’t usually get to spend time with.

People are increasingly more likely to want to stay at a company that takes its corporate social responsibility seriously – a charity day out might be the perfect chance to take your team out and let them re-engage with the organisation on their own accord.

Charity days improve an organisation’s reputation

You will not only build respect within your local community but will also enhance your organisation’s reputation both locally and nationally. Reputation growth can lead to an increase in business leads, networking opportunities, and sales that previously may not have existed. At Storyfest’s Charity Golf Day, you can even network with other dedicated businesses, making it the perfect event to lead to business growth.

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