Book subscription boxes aren’t just for the established bookworm – they are a great way to foster a love of reading from early on. Explore our favourite kids’ book subscriptions that are based in Australia, and let the books do the hard work.

Reading to kids from a young age is known to have many positive benefits: from a free imagination and a deeper family connection to improved reading comprehension later in life. However, once your child reaches the age when they begin to express their preferences, you can get stuck reading the same favourites over and over again.

There’s nothing wrong with this either! But we understand if you want to move past certain books and encourage your kids to try new things – for their own sake, and for the sake of your sanity. A great way to explore new books and to get your children just as excited for new reading material as you are, is to opt for a book subscription service.

Book subscriptions cater to more demands than you can even think of – some are broken up by age brackets, others by interest groups or certain themes. Which means, you will be able to find something for any reader!

Whether you’re looking to sign your own kids up to stock their bookshelves with new reading material each month or need a gift for a young bookworm, book boxes provide variety, an element of surprise, and the key to new worlds, all in one.

Below are our top 7 picks when it comes to choosing a book subscription in Australia.

Top 7 book subscriptions in Australia

Raven Reads – For Indigenous reading

Raven Reads is a book subscription service that supports Indigenous authors, artists, and creators, and in turn educates both young and old about our collective histories and First Nations people’s lived experiences. Their Indigenous gift boxes for kids curate a collection of 2-3 books each season, appropriate for ages 9 or under, and they offer the perfect opportunity for you to explore Australia's living history and cultures with your little ones.

Raven Reads’ subscription box is an excellent resource for educators, guardians and families looking for access to recommended age-appropriate readings and other materials as written by Indigenous authors, and we couldn’t recommend them enough!

Find out more about Raven Reads here!

Inspire Bookbox – For every interest

Inspired Bookbox has some of the widest variety of subscription boxes to choose from. Available to choose either by age or by themes, they are sure to have a box that will interest every child – from space, dinosaurs, deep sea, or STEM, all the way to Australian adventures.

Each Inspire Bookbox is purposefully curated by a book-loving team of qualified teachers, parents, food therapists, occupational therapists and children, so you can be sure to expect only the best picks.

Inspired Bookbox subscriptions are also budget-conscious, with two price ranges to choose from, with either one or two books in each. Each box includes high quality books combined with hands-on crafts, playful learning products and fun gift options. What’s not to love? 


Find out more about Inspire Bookbox here!

Be Curious Books – For curious minds

Be Curious Books offer a diverse reading experience based on books that you won’t find elsewhere. Their boxes are broken down into an Explorer's Club that includes books to transport curious kids to different worlds, places and cultures so they can learn about people from all walks of life; an Intrigue Club where each book is chosen due to the strength of characters, engaging storyline, and thoughtful messaging; and a Curiosity Club, which includes books your curious reader won't stumble across in the usual book places.

These subscriptions all include 1-2 books every month. Get curious alongside your little readers!

Find out more about Be Curious Books here!

Bubs and Books – For activity lovers

Bubs and Books’ Little Library Box is filled with exciting things to explore under each month’s theme: they include 2 hardcover picture books, an activity card designed around the theme of the box to inspire you with several literacy and play-based activities to enjoy with your child, and an activity kit including either a template or 1-3 crafting tools or embellishments to get you started on the suggested activity. A box of fun, delivered straight to your door – with themes as important as Loving Country in July. It’s perfect for kids aged 3+.

Find out more about Bubs and Books here!

Pen & Fable – For budding writers

While reading is high on every parent’s list when it comes to passing on hobbies to our little ones, writing can have just as much of a positive impact on growing minds. You wouldn’t think so, but little readers are capable of using their imaginations to create stories from very young, with some children ready to take on authorial roles in storytelling from as young as 18 months old!

Pen & Fable subscription boxes are broken down by age, with each box including a recently released book, a gently loved second-hand book, a pen and 2-3 bookish goodies that may include bookmarks, notebooks, book bags/totes, fan art, mugs/teacups, and so much more. 

On top of all of that, each box also contains writing tips and inspiration for a monthly story contest! Not only will your kids get a chance to explore new books each month, but they will learn new things about storytelling through practice, with a chance to win a $30 Booktopia voucher!

Find out more about Pen & Fable here!

The Little Bookroom – For seasonal fun

The Little Bookroom offers different subscription boxes based on your little one’s age. Their seasonal subscription delivers 3 quality Australian picture books each quarter with a special consideration for excellence of writing, illustration and production, and how those elements combine to create a distinguished example of children’s literature. Each box contains 3 newly published books by Australian creators to coincide with the seasons, and appeals to children aged 3 to 6 (as well as the grown-up reading with them).

Find out more about The Little Bookroom here!

Faraway Books – For the adventurous

Faraway Books delivers their monthly book boxes in recycled/recyclable packages and compostable, custom designed wrapping paper, making it our favourite eco-friendly option. The wonderful curators at Faraway Books personally select books each month based on your child's age and interests and deliver them gift wrapped, with free returns if you already own the book!

With choices when it comes to the age of your child, the number of books you receive each month, and whether you pay as you go or subscribe long-term, Faraway Books is a great choice to start your reading journey with your little ones.

Find out more about Faraway Books here!

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