Somerset Storyfest is the leading literary organisation on the Gold Coast, delivering a three-day Writers’ Festival each March, alongside a series of literary experiences, workshops, masterclasses, and featured authors throughout the year. To do the important work we do in nurturing budding readers and writers, we need partners in the community – which is why your organisation should partner with Storyfest!

When it comes to corporate partnerships, Storyfest relies upon support from the community to ensure children’s literacy programmes are developed and continue to be engaging. We are on a mission to inspire young people and families through storytelling, and to create a positive impact across the community. We believe that partnering with us is a prime avenue for you to align your organisation with this cultural growth and this important mission.

To date, we have worked with many  corporate partners, some of whom have been with us since the very beginning.

Justin Miller is the Property Management Director at RE/MAX Regency, a real estate business based in Robina, and he has been partnering with Storyfest for over 3 years now. Since 2018, he has come to appreciate not only the return on investment he has seen within his business, but more so the impact he can see this partnership delivering to children all over Australia.

Coming from South Africa, where literacy is such a big problem, it’s important to make sure that the charities that you get involved with do work that is close to your heart,” he says.

What are the benefits of partnering with Storyfest?

Choosing an organisation to partner with isn’t always a straightforward decision – so what makes Storyfest the ideal partner on the Gold Coast?

Contribute to the important work we do

As Justin emphasises, the partnership between RE/MAX and Storyfest isn’t only about what he gets out of it, and he believes that when it comes to supporting the charities and businesses you truly care about, return on investment shouldn’t be the only thing you consider. Rather, he believes that his investment will manifest in different ways – for example, the things that may come his way because he has done something good for the community.

I know that I’m giving back to the community in a way that’ll help kids potentially achieve their dreams and ultimately reach their full potential. As much as I enjoy the lunches and the soirées, I think the biggest thing for me is actually seeing the results of what Storyfest is accomplishing across the country.

Is there a better feeling than that?

Get exposure for your brand

While doing something good for the community and helping Storyfest give more kids a key to literature is reason enough, Justin admits that there are certainly other benefits to a partnership.

As with any partnership, there’s a chance to get exposure for your brand – and not just anywhere, but at a table where the best local businesses convene!

It’s not just about getting a spot in the media, but also about the kind of people you get to mix with at events – a collection of some of the Gold Coast’s best businesses. I have made contacts and relationships at Storyfest events that have turned into business for me. You get to be in a room with people that are at the top of what they do.

The highlight of partnering with Storyfest

With the best of both worlds combined – helping us deliver the important work we do while getting the best kind of exposure for your brand – Storyfest is the perfect partner for any organisation. And although we are talking business, Justin is quick to point out just how important the bigger picture is.

“The highlight of working with Storyfest has been hearing the stories of how Storyfest opens kids up to new experiences and opportunities. I get to see where Storyfest is putting its efforts and the results from that, and I truly believe that Storyfest has the ability to give kids imagination.

When asked to describe Storyfest in 3 words, Justin hardly had to think:

Making dreams possible.

Find out how your business can partner with Storyfest here.