Storyfest Business Lunch is the perfect opportunity for your business to build team spirit, network with like-minded players, and to hear special guests speak about timely topics. Here are 5 reasons why you need to attend one of these lunches!

Storyfest’s Business Lunch Series has been a coveted networking opportunity for Gold Coast based businesses for several years now. With lunches scheduled twice a year, you get the chance to meet like-minded people, enjoy a fabulous lunch with your team, or to hear from both local and internationally acclaimed speakers. If you haven’t attended a lunch yet, then this is your sign!

5 reasons you should consider attending the Storyfest Business Lunch Series

Stay up to date with the latest happenings

A business lunch is a chance to stay in touch with timely events – whether that’s a local issue or an international discussion, Storyfest’s business lunches provide you and your business with the opportunity to keep your finger on the pulse.

By attending these lunches, you are guaranteed to stay in the know when it comes to Gold Coast events, business opportunities, emerging leaders, and much more. Be the first to know it all by coming along!

Hear from special guests

Each Storyfest business lunch is spearheaded by a significant figure in business, literature, or other industries relevant to the attendees. With the theme set by these special guests, each lunch provides something different: an insight into the Gold Coast’s real estate market, a celebration of human feats in sport, or an exploration of timely publications.

Our next Business Lunch guest is Murong Xuecun, one of China's most celebrated and silenced literary authors. He will be speaking about his latest book Deadly Quiet City, which chronicles the early months of the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan.

In the middle of the April 2020 lockdowns in Wuhan, Murong Xuecun bravely travelled to the locked-down city, covertly interviewing people from all walks of life on their experiences as the catastrophe unfolded.

The result is eight stories that capture the voices and griefs of a city, and how Murong had to leave China in order to publish this collection.

He will be speaking about his book as well as the lives of everyday Chinese people, the pandemic, and China today.

It promises to be an eye-opening talk – don’t miss your chance to hear the stories from behind closed doors. You can still purchase tickets here.

Network with like-minded people and businesses

Networking with key players in local business spaces is always a good idea – whether you’re hoping to score more deals, expand your talent pool, set up partnerships, or create collaborative solutions to universal problems, Storyfest’s business lunch is the place to be!

Justin Miller, Property Management Director at RE/MAX Regency, business lunch regular, and a long-time supporter of Storyfest, shares how Storyfest events have helped him land more business time and time again. Read about his experiences here.

Treat your team to a one-of-a-kind afternoon

Did you know that you can make a team bonding day out of the Business Lunch Series? You can book tables of 10, which gives your team the perfect opportunity to learn, discuss timely news, get to know each other better, enjoy a meal together, and of course network with other businesses too.

You can book a table at our next business lunch here.

Enjoy an unforgettable dining experience

Would you have guessed it, the Business Lunch Series is centred around food! Attendees are served an exquisite three course meal, complemented by a generous drinks package. Lunch is served at and by our exceptional hospitality partners, and it sets the scene perfectly for a pleasant day of networking and learning something new.

On top of all of that, by attending a Storyfest Business Lunch, you are actively supporting our venture to bring a love of literature to children across Australia. So thank you!

If you’d like to attend the next business lunch, click here to find out more.