Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or an engaged team member, you might have thought about partnering with local organisations in support of a good cause. Partnering with Storyfest has all the benefits with none of the hassle – here’s why your company should partner with us!

Corporate partnerships have been a part of Storyfest’s DNA for a number of years now. As Storyfest grew and evolved, we discovered a heightened need for conscientious business partners to elevate our mission – and we were confident that we could give back something in return. 

Over the years, we have expanded our business offerings and now provide a range of events that give you the opportunity to have your business showcased in front of progressive business owners from the Gold Coast, Brisbane and surrounding areas. From our highly sought-after Business Lunch Series, through our annual Storyfest Soirée, all the way to our Charity Golf Days, we have something for everyone. 

As a result, we have developed some truly inspiring relationships with our corporate partners. Previously, we spoke to Justin Miller, Property Management Director at RE/MAX Regency, about his decision to partner with Storyfest over five years ago now. Since 2018, he has come to appreciate not only the return on investment he has seen within his business, but more so the impact he can see this partnership delivering to children all over Australia.

Recently, we chatted to Irma Smith from Wings Real Estate about her involvement with Storyfest. Over the past three years, she has been an ardent supporter of Storyfest, and she has been an integral part of our Writers’ Festivals and other community programmes. 

“My involvement began through the Somerset community, and it has been a rewarding journey ever since. This partnership allows me to volunteer my time wherever possible, and to participate in the On the road… programme, connecting young readers with authors in local and regional schools. It's been a fulfilling experience, and I'm proud to be supporting this fantastic organisation.

“By connecting children with authors and literature they may not have easy access to, we empower them to explore diverse worlds through the magic of imagination and storytelling.”

Irma’s commitment and involvement has hugely benefited us in nurturing young minds and fostering a love for reading – and her and her business by being front-of-mind at our business events. 

So what has been her highlight from the past three years? 

“The highlight of my involvement with Storyfest is witnessing the bright smiles on kids' faces as they are inspired by authors and workshops they partake in, knowing that we are fostering their creativity and imagination through the power of storytelling and literacy. 

“Exposure to diverse authors and their stories sparks children's imaginations, they learn to envision new worlds and ideas, fostering creativity and critical thinking skills. Witnessing the positive transformation in these young readers' skills has reaffirmed my dedication to Storyfest, where we pave the way for a brighter, more imaginative future.”

Irma visited Bilambil Public School earlier in the year, to volunteer at an event which left a very positive mark on her. 

“The enchanting combination of Lucas Proudfoot's storytelling, humour and music left a lasting impression on both the primary school kids and me. The way he seamlessly wove stories through music, engaging young minds with creativity and inspiration, was truly captivating.”

Irma is quick to point out that she would absolutely recommend a corporate partnership to any other organisation. 

“Supporting Storyfest aligns with a broader commitment to education and the wellbeing of future generations, making it a meaningful and impactful partnership for any organisation dedicated to social responsibility.”

By partnering with Storyfest, your organisation gets the opportunity to support literacy, education, and community enrichment, aligning your brand with a meaningful cause that resonates with you. The business exposure, like Irma suggests, is just an added bonus!

When asked to describe Storyfest in three words, Irma couldn’t just choose three:

“Literacy, imagination, inclusivity… and community!”

Find out how your business can partner with Storyfest here.