Did you know that book subscription boxes aren’t just for developing readers? They make a great present for just about anyone. Here are our favourite book subscriptions that would be excellent gifts this Christmas!

One of our most popular articles from the past couple of years has been our recommended 7 book subscription boxes for kids. While we still believe that book boxes are a great way to explore new books and to get your children to be excited for new reading material, we also full-heartedly believe that receiving a box of surpirses each month has no age limit. Who wouldn’t be happy to receive bookish goodies on a regular basis?

If you are still on the look-out for an epic (and perfectly last-minute) Christmas present, we’ve got you covered.

Best book subscriptions to gift for Christmas

We know just how hard it is to find that niche present that would be appreciated by the pickiest of loved ones. Find your type of person, and happy gifting!

For the Instagram-savvy: WellRead

Whether they enjoy posting about their current reads on social media or simply have a beautifully curated feed, WellRead offers a perfectly aesthetic book subscription service. Each box is filled with the best new titles in literature, accompanied by reading notes to inspire conversation and extend the reading experience.

WellRead’s diverse curatorship is geared towards stimulating the reading lives of their subscribers, and we can attest that their picks will gain your Instagram-savvy loved one’s tick of approval.

And they have the most gorgeous Instagram, of course!

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For the cup-of-tea lover: Tales & Tea

Nothing like indulging in the perfect cosy weekend afternoon: tea in hand, sweet treat at the ready, a good book to keep you company. If your friend or family member enjoys the finer things in life, a Tales & Tea subscription will truly elevate their reading experience.

The magic ingredients of books, tea, and chocolate have been united to create a gorgeous gift of love – and the perfect present for the Queen in your life.

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For the environmentally conscious: The Wild Book Box

The library isn’t the only environmentally friendly reading option – you can find beautiful pre-loved book subscription boxes, such as The Wild Book Box. Choose how many books you want in each box, what your giftee’s reading preferences and favourite genres are, and they will receive a boxful of secondhand books, ready to be loved all over again.

The curators at Wild Books have worked in the book trade for many years, they hand pick books they know you'll love, and give a discarded book a new life. What more could you ask for?!

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For the highbrow reader: Literati

Sometimes, only the best will do. For a contemporary literature lover, a book box has to not only delight, but intrigue and inspire, whether that’s through the latest literature titles, the most thought-provoking non-fiction books, or modern classics they might have missed. Literati offers all three separately or together: the choice is yours.

If you want to give the most dazzling and anticipated books to a highbrow reader in your life, this is the perfect subscription for you.

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For the self-development queen: Stay Focused Box

You know who we mean – always with their nose in a personal development title, manifesting their perfect life with a side of consistent self-care. They are who we all aspire to be, and what better way to support them on their journey than by gifting them a self-care focussed book box?

Each Stay Focused Box includes a personal development book of the month, self-care and wellness products, tools to reduce stress and increase productivity. Everything one needs to fuel their self-love journey.

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